03 ADT+ Redesign

Role:   UX Designer
ADT’s integration with Google Home system created a set of UX challenges. Multiple future work streams and phases were planned ahead as they were looking to overhaul their DIY home security app and simplify their service offerings

As a UX designer on the team, I worked closely with another UX designer to find new opportunities and offer solutions where integration between two systems could be better solved. We provided new experiences and visual look of the app to be able to pull its weight against/with Google Home

Only the highlights of the project are shared here.
Please reach out if you’d like to hear the full process!

Discovery Phase ---> Getting to know the users

Discovery Phase ---> Framing the problem

Strategy Phase ---> Establishing success

Strategy Phase ---> Joint workshop

Design Phase ---> Exploring solutions

Design Phase ---> Final designs

Design Phase ---> Testing the solutions