Tim Kim


What I do
I am a UX designer currently in Experiential Design industry. My backgrounds in Architecture and Media Design put me in a unique position to create experiences that bring people together. Through my niche career thus far, Iโ€™ve been able to tell various brand stories through uncommon solutions. I specialize in creating interactive experiences to enhance memorable engagement between brands and people.

My Approach
Complex problems and their ingenious solutions all start from a simple thesis. Since childhood, we have always learned by following an example that is similar in nature to the core concept. While researching the given topic or problem, visual and conceptual metaphors and analogies start to emerge. I think about how the insight could be help the user engage with the narrative through interactive experiences.

You can find my resume here

The TMI of TIM

UX design at AKQA

Taught intro to product design at Santa Monica College

ACD at Sparks

Sr. Interaction Designer at Sparks

- Interaction Designer at Sparks
- 72U at 72andSunny
- MFA, ArtCenter, Media Design

- Became the โ€œBall is lifeโ€ asian baller meme
- Intern at Intel Wearables UX group

Moved to Los Angeles

Virginia Tech BS ArchitectureAsian baller picture was taken

Immigrated to Virginia, United StatesI gave myself an American name โ€œTimโ€ after watching dubbed Home Improvement from Korea.

Born Seoul, South Korea