02 Pfizer.com redesign

Role:   UX Lead
During the height of COVID, I had the opportunity to lead UX design of Pfizer.com redesign while contracting at a digital agency, AKQA.

As the sole UX designer on the team, I delivered the UX of the website, co-strategized experience opportunities and identified core user types and their needs. I worked hand in hand with two UI designers to align the experience design with the final visual output.

Modules of content blocks were strategically designed to allow the site to remain flexible to future announcements and content priority.

Only the highlights of the project are shared here.
Please reach out if you’d like to hear the full process!

Discovery Phase --> Gathering requirements
Discovery Phase --> Getting to know the audience
Strategy Phase --> Site structure and information architecture

Strategy Phase --> Sketching the vision

Design Phase --> Creation of content blocks

Design Phase --> Exploring design solutions

Design Phase --> Final designs